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Art Work – You provide or we create.

When you list your business adverts on, we can create banner adverts for your company that contains pictures, descriptive text, and contact details for your business. If you wish to create your own art work, you can do so according to the dimensions of the ad space you have purchased.

We promote your company using our own marketing platforms

We actively promote companies listed on using both traditional platforms like print advertising and our social marketing platforms like facebook (group and page).

Customers visit your page and contact you

Because your business is listed on, customers are able to follow the link in your advert which can link to your website. If you don’t have one, visit and find out how you can create a listing or you can contact jacana webs and find out how you can get a website up and running.


Easy to see adverts

Customers are able to easily see you adverts because they are place in strategic positions on our website.


Our parent company is a card-carrying members of the Zambia Institute of Marketing, and are officially endorsed by the Ministry of Commerce, Trade & Industry.

Optimized uses the latest SEO techniques that insure that our website gets the highest rankings when people search for expatriate infomation on search engines like Google. This simply means, more people get to see your adverts.

Mobile Friendly

We make sure that our website and all the information on it looks just as good on phones and tablets as it does on your PC. This responsive design is easy on the eye and it loads really fast.


Does online advertising really work?

most definitely

Around the world, more and more customers are turning to online searches to find information about literally anything. The number of people, expatriates and locals alike, looking for information on Zambia continues to rise day after day.

This puts your business in an opportune position to reach this audience and deliver your message to them through our platform.

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If you would like to find out more about listing your business advert on, call us on +260 211 846 001 and one of our sales representatives will help you. You can also email or

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