Sesawi Events – Zambian Carnival

  Join Sesawi Events at Bongwe’s Big Bush for the first ever, Zambian Carnival! So grab your beads and put on a mask because the Zambian Carnival is here and the party is going to be a blast! Dance the night away under stars with drinks, feathers, beads & masks what more can you ask […]

The Resurrection Music Festival

The Rose Rabbit Presents The Resurrection Music Festival The ONLY place for a beach party IN the Batoka Gorge The Resurrection is a 4 day music festival on a private beach, right on the Zambezi River, with an eclectic mix of music that it will float everyone’s boats. We have camping terraces to pitch your […]

Zambian Hip Hop Festival

For the first time ever, Transblasts Entertainment will be celebrating Zambian Hip Hop and Paving a way for future Hip Hop heads. With the first ever, Zambian Hip Hop Festival. Learning More about the Culture, From Emceeing , B-Boying and BeatBoxing to Graffiti & Djing. Hip Hop Creates a Culture that incorporates ethnicity, Art, Urban […]