Facebook Group Rules

Posts and comments violating these guidelines may be deleted, and members violating these guidelines may be removed from the group and/or banned.


The purpose of the facebook group is to provide an interactive discussion forum for expats in Zambia.


Membership on the group is intended for:

  • People who are not originally from Zambia but have some connection to the country;
  • People who are originally from Zambia but have some connection with the outside world
  • People that work closely with the expat community in Zambia

Encouraged Posts

We encourage the following types of posts:

  • Questions about life in Zambia: Before asking a question, however, please use the group’s built-in search feature to see if your question has already been posed and responded to.
  • Security and Health Announcements: In order to ensure that we provide the most accurate information to expats, please include links to the source of your information when you post such an announcement.
  • Pictures and stories about life in Zambia: Everyone loves a funny picture or a touching story, but please make sure they are relevant to life in Zambia.
  • Recommendations & Reviews: We invite members of the community to share their experiences at local establishments. If you are posting a negative review, however, we encourage you to first try to resolve your issue privately with the owners or managers before going public.

Classifieds must be posted using the ‘Sell Something’ feature

If you would like to sell something to the Expat Zambia community, please use the Sell Something feature of the group.

Any classified ad posted without using the Sell Something feature will be removed.

The Expat Zambia Facebook group was intended as a discussion forum to support our website www.expatzambia.com. Our goal was to create a platform for expatriates to support, advice and connect with each other. What makes our group unique is the level of trust between members and the close-knit nature of our community. Unlike other groups, we do not allow mass commercial advertising, the selling of mobiles phones, pets or weapons. We are one of the few groups who actively moderate and update the posts as well as maintaining the group’s balance of 70% expats and 30% Zambian professionals. We feel this delivers a higher quality of discourse, builds trust between members and helps both consumers and retailers benefit from selected and appropriate advertising. Given the substantial increase in selling activity we have decided it is necessary to moderate the posting of commercial and high value items in order to prevent the group becoming dominated by the buying/selling activity seen in other groups. We hope this will create a better balance between the commercial and social aspects of Expat Zambia and thank you for your co-operation with these changes.

No Commercial Advertising

The classifieds feature of the group is intended to be used for non-commercial items, such as moving sales, yard sales, etc. It is not intended to be used to advertise businesses. To that end, we do not permit the creation of posts or classifieds that advertise your business or services.

No Commercial Advertising, this includes real estate, vehicle sales/ hire of a commercial nature etc. Any commercial posts are those of the paid advertisers of our website www.expatzambia.com and these will have an Admin Approved code.

Anything over $5,000 is not allowed unless advertised through our website (this includes vehicles and other goods). Real Estate of any kind or level is not allowed unless advertised through our website. This includes houses/offices/land for rent or sale.

However, if someone asks a question related to your business, you can reply with the relevant information.

If you would like to discuss advertising opportunities for your company on Expat Zambia, contact us at [email protected].

No Sale or Transfer of Pets

No sales or transfer of pets.

We encourage anyone looking to adopt an animal to contact one of the animal welfare organizations listed on our guide to Pets and Animal Care in Zambia.

Read Comments Before Adding Your Own

Please try reading the comments to a post before adding your own comment. In many cases your question (e.g. ‘Where is this happening?’, ‘How much does it cost’?) will have already been answered.

Search before you ask a question

Many questions have already been asked in the group, so please use the group’s built-in search feature to see if your question has already been posed and responded to.

No bigotry or derogatory language is allowed, violators will be banned immediately.

No sale or transfer of guns of any kind or weapons.